Meet One on One with a Counsellor

Face to Face Counselling is one of the counselling approaches offered by Birthline. To schedule a session with a trained counsellor, contact us today. For immediate help, contact our 24 hour hotline.

What is Face to Face Counselling?

Face to face counselling is a resource we offer to women who aren’t sure what to do next. It helps build a personal, firm and trusting relationship in a judgement-free and compassionate setting. Face to face counselling is offered completely free of charge to anyone who needs to talk and would like to do so in a one-on-one setting.

How long is a Face to Face Counselling session?

Face to face counselling sessions average about an hour in length. However, we are available to talk as long as you need. Our goal is to listen and understand your unique situation and help you through the emotions you’re experiencing.

How many sessions can I come in for?

Depending on you and your situation, you may come in for a single session or for multiple. We encourage you to come in and receive the help you need for as many sessions as it requires.

Birthline offers face to face counselling to women facing difficult circumstances such as unexpected pregnancies or issues relating to post abortion. If you are interested in a face to face counselling session, contact our office today. Or, for immediate help, call our 24 hour counselling hotline.

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