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There are several ways you can get involved at Birthline. One of our greatest needs is having enough volunteers on staff to provide the services that we do. Here are the positions we are currently seeking volunteers for:

Telephone Counsellors

All telephone counsellors at Birthline Pregnancy Support, Inc. are required to attend a Telephone Counselling Course (TCC) before commencing their volunteer work with our organisation.

Cost: Free of charge

Length: Ten weeks

Time: Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Coming Up: The next course will commence April 2021

The course consists of theory and practical sessions on the topics of basic telephone counselling, physiology, fertility, relationships, contraception, abortion, and the history and philosophy of our organisation. There are a number of special guest speakers who are experts in their fields who generously give their time to contribute to the course. Towards the end of the course, the participant will take part in a total of 9 hours of tutorials in the office to gain valuable real-time experience and to enable familiarity with policies and procedures when taking and registering calls. These 9 hours can be broken into multiple sessions.

We hope that some of the course participants will join our counselling team as volunteers and help cover our 24-hour telephone roster.  

The Client Support (Material Assistance) Volunteer

This volunteer is responsible for processing donations and baby goods requests from clients. Some of the duties in this position involve:

  1. Registering and processing baby goods, donations and requests.
  2. Cleaning, checking and sorting baby goods ie, prams, car seats, baths, baby clothes etc.
  3. Allocating baby goods to clients by using Birthline’s Material Assistance Register.
  4. Communicating with clients and other agencies regarding their requested baby items. 

The Client Support (Baby Bundles) Volunteer

This volunteer helps to sort baby clothes and linens ready to put in baby bags filled with clothing and essential items for newborn to 1-year-old babies.

Admin Support Volunteer

We welcome volunteers who are able to help us with some office duties i.e. data entry, correspondence, bulletins and statistics.

Gardening and Maintenance

We are always in need of volunteers who will help us maintain our garden and upkeep of our premises.

For queries or to register your interest for any of these volunteer positions, please email

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