Decision-Making Checklist

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant and considering abortion, take a few minutes to go through our decision-making checklist. We’ve put this together so you can be sure you’ve done everything you need to make an informed decision for your body and your pregnancy.

1. Take a Pregnancy Test

Whether you’re experiencing some of the pregnancy symptoms or just feel like you might be pregnant, your first step is to take a pregnancy test. Birthline offers free pregnancy testing so you can begin getting the answers you need.

2. Call for Free Counselling Services

Birthline offers a number of counselling services, from our 24-hour hotline, to face to face counselling and pregnancy counselling. These counselling services exist so you have someone to talk to easily and confidentially about your fears, concerns, and questions regarding your unexpected pregnancy. This is also the time to discuss all the options you are considering and their corresponding risks and benefits.

3. Learn About Available Resources

Some women consider abortion for their unexpected pregnancies because they do not have the financial or emotional help they need to choose to keep the child or offer the child for adoption. Birthline offers women in these situations resources like counselling and material assistance to help them thrive after their children are born.

4. Consider Each Possibility

The best way to ensure you’re making an informed decision for your pregnancy is to take the time considering each of the available possibilities. This way, you’ll have the confidence that the choice you make is the right one.

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant or your circumstances have changed since becoming pregnant and not sure what to do next, call Birthline’s 24 hour hotline to get the help you need.

24 HOUR HOTLINE: 1300 655 156 OR 08 8331 1223

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