Birthline Pregnancy Support Inc was established in 1972 in South Australia as a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation to support women and their families facing unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss. Our Vision is that anyone wanting to talk about pregnancy related issues or pregnancy loss can readily access emotional support through compassionate, confidential, non-judgmental and cost-free services.

We Respect

  • Every caller’s values, perspectives and decision-making process.
  • Every caller leading the exploration of their unique situation and their options.
  • Every caller’s right to determine their outcome.

We Provide

  • Free services including all-hours telephone access for non-directive counselling, relevant information, resources and practical help.
  • Appointments that can be made for on-site counselling, pregnancy testing and access to free material assistance.

Our Services

*We do not provide medical services, legal services, or specific health or professional advice including abortion referral.

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